There’s no idiot like a Tory

Senior Conservative under fire after dismissing march for fresh Brexit referendum as ‘desperate stuff’

Senior Tories were accused of “sniping” at the huge numbers of campaigners set to take part in a giant march for a fresh Brexit referendum, a day after it was announced.

Brexit minister, Martin Callanan, came under fire after he branded next month’s “Put It To The People March” – part of The Independent’s Final Saycampaign – “desperate stuff”.

James Cleverly, a Conservative vice-chairman, tweeted sarcastically: “The only thing that might make me change my mind is a bloke in a blue hat with yellow stars shouting ‘Stop Brexit’. Yep, that might do it.”

It’s obvious Tories care fuck all for Britain. All the bastards want is a huge noise while exiting the EU. They don’t care about trade or jobs. They don’t care about the UK’s international status. All they want to do is say FU to the EU.

There isn’t a single sentient human being in the Tory party. They’ve become little islander Trumpists.

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