There’s a distressing right wing trend in Europe

Poland moves to make phrase ‘Polish death camps’ a criminal offence

While it is true that death camps in Poland during WWII were run by the Nazis, they were run with cooperation and participation from some Poles. And anti-semitism was rife in Poland, making it ok for some Poles to work with Nazis in the process. That’s not to say Poles in general were Nazi sympathisers, as many fought with the allies against them. But this does seem like an effort to shut down discussion about what actually happened.

Poland has a far-right government that doesn’t want these discussions to happen at all. Not surprising.

And now they’ve been joined by the Czech Republic:

Czech election result: Right-wing populist incumbent Milos Zeman narrowly defeats scientist Jiri Drahos

The Czech president is apparently a fan of Vladimir Putin, as is Donald Trump. He likes Trump as well, hates immigrants and Muslims, and thinks a united Europe is bad for him. He wants a referendum on membership.

Austria already has a far-right regime.

Austria’s new far-right/conservative government to impose ‘sanctions’ on immigrants who keep their own culture

Their main schtick is hatred of immigrants. A common theme with right wing parties across Europe and in the US.

This is a political disease. Hatred of the other, the different, whatever doesn’t instantly fit in. Refusal to accept responsibility for bigotry. Islamophobia.

Now I’m no friend of religion. I’m an atheist who thinks religion has caused enormous harm in the course of history. But I have no truck with the stupid notion that all adherents of any religion support or participate in the extremist and wicked acts that virtually all religions, in some manifestation or another, have been proven capable of.

Trump’s idiotic ban on Muslim travel, for example, is a notorious example of a bigoted ban on a religion targeted for hatred by narrow-minded right-wing American extremists. He’s pandering to fascists, and he finds many supporters in Europe as well. Nigel Farage comes to mind as a particularly odious and niffy  example.

We live in troubled times, not seen since WWII. While I see push-back against right wing extremism, currently I have little confidence it’s going to end well.

And curse you, Theresa, for making it even worse.

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