The zombie prime minister

Another crushing Brexit defeat for Theresa May shows how our inflexible PM has frittered away her authority

She lost her Brexit proposal by a soid 149 votes, after the cosmetic changes made following her desperate and fruitless flight to Strasbourg. Not as big as the original 230 vote loss, but not recoverable.

No-one trusts her. No-one likes her. Yet she hangs on, because no-one can agree on a replacement. And she hasn’t the wit, presence or imagination to stand down, because that would likely precipitate an election, which the Tories would likely lose heavily.

So she’s likely to hold another vote tomorrow on a no-deal Brexit, which will go down in flames, then another vote Thursday on extending Article 50 for another what… god knows and he doesn’t even exist.

This parliament is procrastinating, and I doubt it will ever achieve any resolution. We are living through one of the worst debacles and humiliations in British history. Thanks to Theresa May.

Up till now, her major accomplishment was as home secretary, where she reduced the British police force by 20,000, and presided over a massive increase in knife deaths. Fair enough, It will take more than restoring the police force to pre-May levels to fix the knife murder problem. It will also take a demolition of Tory austerity measures that have cut funds to education and social agencies to keep kids off the streets.

It’s entirely a Tory crisis. May hoped Brexit would wipe her other failure off the map. It’s just proved she’s incompetent to govern at any level.

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