The silly biddy is out of her tiny little mind

Russian spy attack: Theresa May plans for ‘economic war’ with Vladimir Putin and his allies

Yes, I get it. IF Putin is responsible for attacks on people in Britain, and IF proof can be credibly adduced for this claim, then some response is appropriate.

But we can’t make a response on our own, we need our allies with us. And what has Theresa May done to get that? She hasn’t even published the evidence she claims to have. She even said it was either Russia directing the poisoning, or losing control of the poison. Which says she hasn’t a clue herself, yet she’s sabre-rattling.

God knows what she’s up to. She certainly hasn’t let us know. She’s just waxing cretinously belligerent for the sake of appeasing Tory Yahoos. And it doesn’t get more Yahoo than a Tory.

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