The sad sack of bovine excreta that is Donald Trump

There’s a book about to be published by James Comey, FBI director sacked by Trump after he refused to pledge loyalty to the orange puffball, A Higher Loyalty, which tells about his turbulent relationship with Trump. In an ABC interview with George Stefanopoulos to be broadcast on Sunday, Comey says he doesn’t know whether Trump was with prostitutes peeing on each other in a Russian hotel, but thinks it’s possible.

Trump, meanwhile, has lost the plot, calling James Comey an “untruthful slime ball” and a “proven leaker and liar”, as the first  extracts emerge from the book.

Now, given Trump’s extraordinary propensity for lying and exaggeration, it’s pretty rich he should accuse someone else of doing what he does routinely and without even thinking about it. But who are you going to believe? An FBI director with a who used to prosecute mobsters? Or a sleaze-bag like Trump who reminds Comey of the mobsters he used to prosecute?.

If there is a slime ball, it’s sitting in the Oval Office, tweeting.

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