The referendum was a mistake

Brexit: Britain will be strongly in favour of staying in EU by 2021 as society changes, academics say

Bully for the academics, by then it will be too late. Cameron was an ass to have it, and May was a bigger ass to follow through on it with no idea where she was going or what she wanted to achieve. So far, one year into the process, and one year to go we remain clueless as to what is actually going to happen, with no confidence the Tory government has any more clue than the rest of us.

I’m in two minds about this. While I don’t think a second referendum is the ideal answer, it’s better that than an ignominious exit with no trade agreement or free market, which is where we seem to be going under our Tory lords and masters. Why not let the British public reconsider now we know the consequences?

But rather, Parliament ought to shut the whole thing down including this deluded bunch of idiots calling itself a government. I can’t see that happening, either, not with a witless Labour party unwilling to oppose a witless Tory government. We’re caught between a rock and a hard place.

Scottish independence is looking better and better.

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