The plot thickens

Theresa May reveals she did know about deportation targets – hours after Cabinet member suggests she didn’t

Well of course she knew about them. She put the “hostile environment” for immigrants policy in place. It’s her ideas as Home Secretary that Rudd was acting on. Neither May nor Rudd gave a fig that policies supposedly aimed at illegal immigrants stood a good chance of hurting legal ones. May owns this mess.

So why did May not correct Rudd’s assurances to Parliament that deportation targets didn’t exist, when May knew very well they did? Rhetorical question. She was hoping it would never get out. Hope she has a great visit with Trump. They can lie at each other for a couple days, then pretend something awesome happened.

EU parliamentary leaders have already sent a letter to Rudd’s replacement, Sajid Javid, asking that the Windrush scandal not be repeated with legal EU immigrants.¬†Clearly and with a lot of justification, they don’t believe the incompetent Tory government capable of finding its backside with both hands.

I will give May credit for one thing. She had the sense to try to cover her sorry ass by appointing a representative of a minority as the new Home Secretary to do her dirty work. Whether that will be enough to save it in the long run is another issue.

As for¬†Sajid Javid, what on earth does he think he’s doing taking a berth on a sinking ship? Doesn’t say much about his good sense.

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