The orange orang-utan planning to visit Britain

Donald Trump plans to visit UK ‘this summer’ in spite of anticipated protests

The Daily Mail report a visit from Mr Trump has been “pencilled in” for July, while the Daily Telegraph quoted an unnamed US official saying the president was looking at coming in the “late summer”.

No doubt our hapless prime minister is thrilled to bits that her co-conspirator in bombing empty Syrian chemical weapons sites is deigning to honour her with a visit. She’s as stupid as he is.

If the ape decides to come here, dragging his knuckles over his red tie, I certainly hope his visit is beset by protests. He’s the most dangerous human being on the planet, because he combines ignorance, fatuity, self-importance, arrogance, veniality, cupidity, depravity and the presidency all in one.

That Theresa May considers him an ally is indication of her own lack of judgement. His word cannot be trusted, and his policies are ill-considered… and that’s just talking about trade and the environment. In fact, the cretin doesn’t have a single policy that makes any sense. Neither does Oor Theresa where Brexit is concerned, so no wonder they get along so well.

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