The only friends Trump has in the world… well, there’s Netanyahu, and that’s it

Ooops, sorry, Theresa May is also puckering her lips to kiss the royal ass.

Macron and Merkel round on Trump as Europe rages over steel tariffs

He’s annoyed not just of the EU president, but the leaders of France and Germany. We are watching not only American democracy go down the drain, swamped by the foetid mess of corruption in the Trump administration – even Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary of State issued a warning about this, referring to people governing in an illusional world, i.e. Trump –  but a weakening of the North Atlantic alliance, because Trump is totally unreliable as a trading partner, or military and political ally.

The only leaders who gain anything from Trump’s presidency are the leaders of Russia and China, as they see the Western alliance weaken under Trumps’ folly.

The bottom line is, no-one trusts America any more, and I begin to doubt America will ever be able to reverse this.

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