The Leave campaign lied

Well, no surprise there, they were lead by the nose by the likes of Boris Johnson, who is Britain’s sorry answer to Trump.

Remember this lie? Likely the Tory Govt. will have to cut that from the NHS once it gets around to paying the Brexit bill.

Brexit whistleblower Shahmir Sanni calls for probe as lawyers claim Vote Leave broke election spending rules

The whistleblower at the heart of the scandal surrounding the main Brexit campaign has called for a police investigation into allegations that the group breached electoral spending rules.

Former activist Shahmir Sanni said he believed the referendum result had been “tainted” by allegations that Vote Leave had flouted spending limits by making a £625,000 donation to the pro-Brexit youth group BeLeave shortly before the 2016 vote.

Lawyers acting for several whistleblowers have argued there is a case to prosecute Vote Leave for allegedly using the smaller outfit to get around the £7m spending limit, which is put in place to prevent campaigns with wealthy supporters from gaining an unfair advantage in elections.


What a surprise. Unscrupulous politicians lying and cheating to get their way. Isn’t that new.

The difference between Trump and Johnson is the latter is intelligent, while the former is a dolt. Which gives Johnson less excuse for knowingly lying. Trump lies because it’s in his nature. He’s never done anything else. He’s a pathological liar. I suspect that even if the truth were in his interest, he’d still lie, because  that’s second nature.

Johnson, on the other hand, is educated enough to know the difference between truth and lies. He just doesn’t care. He’ll say whatever he thinks is in his best interests at any given time. He just doesn’t care that it’s a lie. He has no scruples. Whatever serves his purpose at that moment.

I’ll bet he claims he’s a Christian as well.

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