The do or die Tory Bexiteers have become a danger

Tory Brexiteers ‘a direct threat to British democracy’, Labour MP Chuka Umunna says

He has a point.

Leading Tory Brexiteers have become “a direct threat to democracy” in the UK after their attacks on civil servants, Labour MP Chuka Umunna has said.

Mr Umunna accused MPs such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Brexitminister Steve Baker of making “dark and dangerous” claims after they provoked an angry backlash by questioning the integrity of government officials.

Maybe he went a tad far comparing anti-European Tory rhetoric to the 1930s, but certainly the Tories are known liars. Their NHS bus said it all.

Now Mr. Baker was forced to apologise in order to stay a government minister, I’m sure it galled him, but the Moggster has not. The Moggster has no shame whatsoever, and as he is being tipped as May’s replacement when the winsome lady crashes and burns as she is likely to do sooner rather that later, it’s worth noting  he is willing to tell big porkies about civil servants when he has not a scrap of evidence to back him up. Evidently, to the Moggster as much as to Trump, reality is whatever myth suits him at the time. Not good prime ministerial material.

Could he be the Tories’ Tony Blair? Neither appear to have much concern for reality if it doesn’t suit them. They just make things up as necessary to support whatever ideological commitment is buzzing around in their hollow heads.

Maybe we need the Moggster as the Tory prime minister to remind us how useless and out of touch that party is. Perhaps it needs a catastrophe to shake Britons out of their complacency that this country is going anywhere good. Of course, by then it will be too late. The UK will be breaking apart at the seams, presided over by an upper class twit, and excluded from the European market, while the Moggster masturbates in his ecstasy of freedom from the European overlords.

So I have to wonder whether being governed from Brussels is as bad as being governed by blinkered Tories in London who are clueless about reality, or worse, make it up as they go along.

And with Corbyn doing fuck all to combat this, the SNP are looking better and better.

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