The Diminutive David Davis

David Davis faces ‘contempt of Parliament’ charge as he refuses to release full Brexit impact papers

Well… maybe not quite yet according to Mr. Speaker. However…

David Davis risks being held in “contempt of Parliament” after a row erupted over his refusal to release documents setting out the economic impact of Brexit.

The cabinet minister will now be forced to appear before a Commons committee of MPs next week to explain why he has failed to hand over the papers – despite a vote in Parliament demanding their release.

But as pressure mounted on the Brexit Secretary to give up the documents, Tory eurosceptics launched a counter-offensive pushing ministers to hold a second vote to ensure the papers are suppressed.

Oh, my! Whatever could the Brexiteers be afraid of? The exposure of their lies before the referendum?

What, in a supposed democracy, is there to fear from publication of reports on the potential consequences of Brexit? Its cancellation? Oooooh! Perish the thought. At the very least, it might fuel debate – ooops, sorry, I forgot the Tories think debate is the last thing we should have on this most fateful decision of post-war Britain. Who knows, a debate might result in The Wrong Decision, one that May and her cronies disagree with.

May’s misgovernment has strong anti-democratic instincts, and is not fit to continue in power. If parliament’s will is not to be done by a rag tag and bobtail of xenophobic Tory blowhards kept in office by Northern Ireland’s version of UKIP, then wash them away. Get rid of the scabrous bunch.

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