The devolution of Trump

German magazine Der Spiegel sums it up

For someone who claims he’s not guilty of collusion with Russia during his election campaign, he sure behaves like a guy with something to hide.

Donald Trump can’t talk his way out of legal peril in the Robert Mueller investigation

Well, he can certainly try his usual resort to bluster and threats. But look at it… first he fired FBI director James Comey who was starting an investigation into it. Even if Trump is innocent, it certainly looks like like an effort to obstruct justice.

He demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions not recuse himself from the investigation, and that Sessions should defend him. Now given that Sessions is something of a fascist and Trump supporter himself, it’s remarkable he did that. No smoke without fire, they say.

He considered firing deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, as well as ousting Sessions’ number two, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein was the one who appointed independent investigator Robert Mueller.

And in June last year, he ordered Mueller fired, only to be thwarted by the top White House lawyer who said he would resign before it was done.

Now, these are not the actions of a presumptively innocent man. They are the actions of a felon with something to hide.

There are a few possibilities. Either Trump has something to hide and has been desperately trying to get rid of people investigating it. Or he is innocent and has been cunningly goading his critics by laying a trail of chicken feed for them to follow to a dead end,making them seem like clucking idiots when it peters out, and leaving him in the catbird seat when it all fizzles. Or he’s too stupid to figure out that if he is innocent, an investigation will exonerate him.

I’ve no respect for Trump’s intellect, and though he has described himself as a genius, as a rule intelligent people don’t do that. So laying a master plan to deceive his accusers seems beyond his capability. I think he’s just an idiot thrashing about to get himself out of the mess he, or his staff, have gotten him into.

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