The development in Bavaria doesn’t bode well

German state orders all government buildings to display a Christian cross

A German state has ordered that Christian crosses should be placed on the entrance of all government buildings.

Bavaria’s conservative government has said the crosses should not be seen as religious symbols, but are meant to reflect the southern German state’s “cultural identity and Christian-western influence.”

Crosses are already compulsory in public schools and courtrooms in predominantly Catholic Bavaria.

This is the sort of thing far right Christianist evangelicals try to do in the US: force their odious religion down everyone’s protesting gullet. Jews, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, non-believers and agnostics, even other Christians who don’t believe in forcing their religion on anyone.

I was born and raised a Catholic, so I don’t particularly care for Christianity, particularly Catholicism, though Protestant evangelicals are often more aggressively Christian than the pope. Apparently, for some ardently credulous believers, if you don’t believe in their version of Christianity, it’s not just blasphemy against their notion of god, it’s unpatriotic and possibly seditious.

For a German state, given German history in the 20th century, to elevate Christianity above all other ethical and spiritual ideas and religions, is a dangerous precedent. This is the same German Catholic church at work here that gave succour to Chancellor Hitler, also born and raised a Catholic. Well, he lapsed too, but that didn’t stop many German bishops and cardinals from going along with him as long as he was following policies they favoured.

Now, Bavaria plastering Christian crosses all over its government buildings is still a far cry from Hitler’s sort of fascism, but it isn’t that far a cry from anti-semitism, or anti-whatever non-Christian believers these stupid Catholic legislators want to intimidate and cow into accepting they are unwelcome and weird minorities.

A government respectful of its citizens, and of the fact that minority beliefs exist in its fiefdom, would not be doing this, especially given Hitler’s historical connections to Bavaria. They would want to make schools, courts, and government buildings welcoming to citizens of all creeds and political opinions. Not just the ones they subscribe to.

Bavarian legislators have reduced themselves to the shallow and hypocritical level of American Christianist yahoos. But then, that is what I have come to expect of religious extremists the world over. It’s always their way or the highway, to… and there’s the troubling bit.. who know where that highway ends up? We’ve seen where it led before in many countries.

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