The Boris defends The Donald

Well, isn’t that a surprise. Birds of a feather, I should think.

Trump UK visit: Boris Johnson rages at Corbyn and Khan for ‘endangering US investment in Britain’

Good grief. If Boris thinks he can trust Donald to promote US investment in the UK without some backhander, he’s even stupider than I thought he was. And he’s siding with the most unpopular President in US polling history? What a wanker our Boris is.

What Corbyn and Khan did was encourage demonstrations against Trump should he be ill-advised enough to visit Britain. After Trump’s recent racist remarks, I should think the entire world, besides Boris, Theresa, and Trump’s base, is against the man.

Trump is self-destructing publicly. He’s an untrustworthy liar. Any agreement with him he would probably use to wipe his shithole. You cannot negotiate or deal with a president of this reputation. The best you can do is hope he gets removed from office.

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