The blood is in the water, and Tory sharks can smell it

Theresa May to hold crunch talks as pollster warns of heavy losses in council elections

Again, to be fair to Oor Theresa, she isn’t losing everywhere. Although she’s lost support for the Tories among EU supporters and urban areas, especially London, she’s gained it among Brexiteers and in the Tory rural hinterlands.  Trouble is, Brexiteers are a waning minority according to polls. Losing half the London boroughs the Tories currently hold would be a major embarrassment. And given how her personal popularity amongst Tory Brexiteers is dropping, the chances of Oor Theresa coming a cropper after the May election are soaring.

If there is one thing Tories do well, besides gouging the poor, it’s sensing weakness in a leader, and especially in a leaderene. I give May until May.

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