That’s gotta sting…

Some Tory voters will accept Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister if Brexit can be stopped, says Lord Heseltine

Heseltine is a supporter of Britain’s membership of the EU and has more wit about him than half May’s sorry cabinet put together. If he’s concerned that younger Tory voters will put up with a bit of Corbynista mischief-making in order to stop Brexit, there’s likely some truth to it.

Of course, Corbyn doesn’t oppose Brexit, he’s one of the unrealists who thinks we can somehow have our cake and eat it, staying in a customs union but outside a single market. Not sure how that could actually work in practice, it would still cost Britain money, but I think Corbyn is positioning himself to appeal to the racist Brexiteers who object to immigration, and businessmen who don’t want to lose access to European trade.

May, naturally enough, given her disastrous parliamentary performance today offering nothing more than obfuscatory platitudes, hasn’t a clue what she wants, other than staying in Downing Street.

And no-one has bothered to address the issue of the Irish border seriously.

The Tory clown car rolls recklessly all over the place, ignoring traffic rules, signs and directions, because not only does it have too many drivers fighting for control, none of them have yet passed a driving test.

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