Stupid premier…

From the Guardian live feed:

May says [English local] election results show voters want both main parties to ‘deliver Brexit’

In her speech, Theresa May described the results of the local elections as “very difficult”.

She paid tribute to councillors who had lost their seats, saying that they were not to blame for their defeat and that, as a former councillor herself, she knew how hard they worked.

And she said the voters were giving a “simple message” to the Conservatives and Labour: “Just get on and deliver Brexit.”

The twit says this, as her party’s vote crumbles… mainly to the Remain Lib Dems. Well, one expects politicians to spin dizzyingly, and May is so stubborn and self-involved, she may even believe her own propaganda by now, who knows?

Corbyn has lost as well, and deservedly so. He’s waffled bafflingly, trying to keep his own split party together. Could it be the English are finally waking up to the fact they’ve been right royally reamed by both parties? The real test, obviously will be on May 23, with nationwide EU elections.*

Voters are right well fed up with the Brexit fiasco that May has created, and I don’t blame Corbyn for not wanting to let her off the hook. BUt it doesn’t mean – and this is supported by polls – that they are angry Brexit hasn’t happened. They now know what they didn’t know in the 2016 referendum, that Brexit is going to be a disaster, and it’s not worth the effort to poke the EU apparatchiks in the eye.

A Britain outside the EU is going to be weaker and more isolated than inside. May may court the odious Trump with royal pageantry during the state visit, assuming he’s not been impeached by then, but it won’t get her anywhere, because his word is worth even less than hers.

*provided May and Corbyn haven’t reached an 11:59th hour agreement to Brexit peacefully together. ROTFLMAO!

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