Strong and stable… stro-o-ong a-and sta-a-ble…

… to how it became weak and wobbly.

.May has been a hapless disaster, and lots are thanking the stars she has – finally – given up the ghost and said she will stand down June 7th when the Tory leadership brawl will officially commence. As it is likely the Tories will select the Euro-Boor Boris Johnson, it’s unlikely there will be any improvement or shift in the current morass.

Only a general election or (final???) referendum has a hope of sorting this one out, and even that is a dim one. There’s not been a majority in this parliament for a third EU referendum (the first was in 1973), and the Commons is not spoiling for another election at the moment.

I voted SNP in the EU election yesterday, in part as a protest against both major parties nationally. Whether I would do that again, or return to Labour, in a general election, I can’t predict – depends on what the issues became beyond just Brexit. However, if it became clear that below the border there is a solid majority of narrowminded little Englanders, parting company with the UK to stay with Europe would seem a more attractive option.

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