Speaking of the odious and smarmy Rees-Mogg… *gag*

Brexit: People warning of risk to Northern Ireland peace process ‘almost encouraging violence’, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

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People warning that the Northern Ireland peace process is at risk because of Brexit are “almost encouraging violence”, Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed

The leading Tory Brexiteer condemned what he called the “cynical approach” of critics warning the threat of a new hard border could bring a return of the Troubles.

“Once you start proposing that violence may be a consequence of something, you’re almost encouraging violence,” Mr Rees-Mogg said.

This disgusting Tory prat, who thinks a hard border within Ireland is perfectly acceptable so long as it keeps nasty Europeans and their goods and services out, and cares not a fig about the peace process, because he goddamn doesn’t live there or has to police it personally, is a total wanker.

He has no solutions, just Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit…. a one-trick pony, and not very skilled at that. No wonder Tories adore him.

He was even cute enough to suggest that if the Irish government were so keen on peace, they should leave the EU and join a trade pact with the UK under UK rules.

Is there a single adult in the Tory party? A single serious thinker? Defense Secretary  Gavin Williamson, a fireplace salesman from Stoke, has told Vladimir Putin to shut up and go away, in a barely literate speech that had the Russians laughing. If that’s the best May can do with as Defence Secretary, it’s time to close up the government, resign, and give someone competent a chance.

There’s not a single Tory with any credibility. Resign, for god’s sakes!

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