Some thoughts for Trump and his minions

Genocide starts with the rhetoric of hate, and we can’t forget that on Holocaust Memorial Day

Just read it. It doesn’t apply just to Trump, evil though he is. It applies to the British misgovernment as well.

Words are used to create hatred, and we have seen many examples in the US and UK. But as the author says, they can also be used to create love.

We need to be careful how we use words, and what our intentions are in their use. If we intend to cause harm to others, maybe we should just shut our foul gobs. Crawl away to some dank hole and die.

There is no room for hatred and prejudice in a decent society. While we may disagree with our neighbour’s beliefs and opinions, it doesn’t mean we have to believe they should die because of them. And if we do, then we are the damned.

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