So what s going on with Brexit?

Who knows? Certainly not Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. They are both certain they are absolutely correct about their beliefs and have no intention of changing any of them unless a knife is at their throats. Is it?

Corbyn has finally agreed to accept a final say if necessary. Perhaps the threat of more Labour defections convinced him to embrace reality. May just blabbers on, and on, and on, trying to delay things till Parliament has no choice. Her mind is more set in cement than Maggie’s, and more clueless.

Here’s the latest mystical pronouncement, delaying matters even further, as she tries to kick the ball to the finishing line for Britain’s expiration.

MPs offered vote on no-deal Brexit and possible delay

Making a statement to the Commons after her talks with EU leaders in Egypt, May reiterated her pledge to give MPs a meaningful vote on a revised Brexit deal by 12 March.

If this did not happen or if it was voted down, then by 13 March MPs would be able to vote on a motion that would seek their “explicit consent” for a no-deal departure, the prime minister said.

If MPs voted against this, then on 14 March a motion would be put to the Commons offering the option of a “short, limited extension to article 50” beyond 29 March, which would need the approval of the EU.

So, 3 votes two weeks before no deal Brexit, and no sign of any notion that maybe the electorate should be consulted. Brilliant. Neither May nor Corbyn are democrats, they are autocrats whose hands are being forced. Each would rather have their own way, assuming no-one else has anything useful to contribute, and give way only when thwarted.

Apparently both are of the opinion that once a referendum has been won by a tiny majority, the question should never, ever, be put to the people again. One vote, especially if it’s a vote you like, is enough to decide a question for all eternity. Corbyn has finally withdrawn from that pathetic POV, but May hasn’t. She is desperate for Brexit, and would accept it on any terms, because she is hostile to immigrants. Corbyn is happy with antisemites.

And who knows what sort of silly shenanigans the pair of them will resort to between now and then. Neither of them are to be trusted.

The UK has gone astray. No-one in the world trusts this country any longer, thanks to policies since the Brexit vote, and the British people shouldn’t trust the two main parties. I’ve never felt ashamed to be British, but I do now.

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