So… what is the point of Brexit? Enthusiastic Brexiteers have yet to tell the truth.

Brexit isn’t worth it: announcements by Theresa May and Donald Trump in the last few days have made that much clear

May officially acknowledged that Brexit in the form it was sold to the British people by senior members of her Cabinet – including Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, David Davis and Liam Fox – is simply impossible to deliver. As the leaders of the official Vote Leave campaign, these people promised the UK would get most of the benefits of EU membership outside of the club without bearing the costs or the obligations. May finally came clean on this dishonesty, saying: “How could the EU’s structure of rights and obligations be sustained, if the UK – or any country – were allowed to enjoy all the benefits without all of the obligations?”

Neither are the EU willing to let her have her cake and eat it.

Brexiteers lied all along in their anti-European campaign.

In its “What Happens When We Vote Leave” pamphlet, Boris and co claimed “the idea that our trade will suffer … is silly.” Davis promised last January that we would get a deal that “will deliver the exact same benefits” that we enjoy as an EU member. Again, a big reality check from May: “Our access to each other’s markets will be less than it is now.” This is unsurprising, given her Government’s impact assessments project the economy will be at least 8 per cent smaller if she pursues her Brexit plans (this will certainly make funding all the extra housing she said we need today all the more difficult).

And May has proved she isn’t fit to either to negotiate Brexit in a non-damaging way, or to stop the idiocy altogether.

Neither has anyone yet bothered to offer a realistic solution to the unrestricted Irish border the Good Friday peace accords rest on. Do Brexiteers relish a return to Northern Irish strife just for the sake of shafting Europe?

You know, I rather think they do. They have no brains or common sense whatsoever.

So what’s the truth about the reason for Brexit? I doubt there’s really an economic reason. Trump isn’t going to rescue the UK, he’s an America Firster, neither is the Commonwealth which have their own deals with Europe. Regulations from Brussels weren’t really any more onerous on business than regulations from London. I think it’s xenophobia, the fear of the stranger.

And British business is no fan of Brexit. Just anti-immigrant politicians.

The uptick in votes for far right parties in Europe is not encouraging, either. These are usually nationalistic and anti-immigrant. The very opposite of the European ideal. The EU has prevented wars in Europe, major ones anyway, for 70 years. A world record. And these bastards want to throw that away, and return to the bad old warring days.

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