So what hell is fit for wreckful Brexiteers?

May clashes with Tusk and Juncker but EU agrees to fresh talks

Theresa May clashed with Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk during Brexit talks in Brussels but has secured agreement for a fresh round of formal negotiations to break the impasse.

A meeting with the European commission president was described as “robust”, with Juncker resolutely rebuffing May’s demand for a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement.

May also confronted Tusk over his comments on Thursday in which the European council president said Brexiters without a plan would have “a special place in hell”. The prime minister said “the language was not helpful and caused widespread dismay in the United Kingdom”.

She’s full of it. Maybe it caused widespread dismay among Tory Brexiteers destined for Tusk’s hell, but it amused the rest of us. May is deliberately wasting time trying to get a nip here and a tuck there, but it’s not going to change the package dramatically, neither is it going to change the fact she’s asking for a contradiction on the Irish border.

The woman is a Brexit fool without a plan – maybe Tusk caused her personal dismay. I doubt she is sensitive enough to feel any. She comes across as a robot, determined to complete its programming whatever the disaster that ensues.

The hell we are all facing is Tory Brexit and Britwreck. There are enough Tories determined to crash the UK on the rocks just to spite Europe, that May has to placate them to keep her party together, causing her to try to speak out of both sides of her mouth simultaneously, with garbage being the unavoidable product. Nothing May says makes any sense, because she’s as clueless as any Tory. Like any Tory, she puts party and herself first, and the UK second.

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