So what has happened between 1975 and 2016?

Mostly the Tories, Margaret Thatcher, then austerity under Cameron and May. With Blair we got the Iraq war. Nothing positive there, and he did nothing to change conditions under the Tories.

Labour had done little to improve the circumstances of the working classes, and Tories had overreached themselves to reduce them. For a generation, little had improved in the UK. So when the opportunity to speak out against the status quo that wasn’t helping appeared, the Brexit referendum, a slim majority of voters took it.

This is a Tory Brexit, they wrecked it and they own it. They made the lives of working stiffs harder and harder, then they wondered why those stiffs voted against the EU. The vote wouldn’t improve anything, it would make things worse. But what better to stick it up David Cameron?

The result is catastrophe. Thanks to the Tories.

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