So, Theresa, what contribution did Skripal make to earn him a BMW?

May warns Russia UK ‘will never tolerate a threat to the life of British citizens’

The Prime Minister said Moscow was in “flagrant breach” of international law over the incident which saw a Russian-made nerve agent release in the city.

She said: “Many Russians have made this country their home. And those who abide by our laws and make a contribution to our society will always be welcome.

I think we will be waiting an eternity for the answer to the question of what Skripal did to earn him a BMW.

Nothing May says can be believed. Her only interest is her own.

Let’s suppose Putin did personally order the liquidation of Skripal, as the clueless and odious Johnson claims. Why? Is it because Putin is a madman, executing Russian exiles in a random way, or is it because Skripal was acting against Russia in some way?

May is not an honest broker and should not be trusted. Neither is Putin, of course, but May is the twit we are saddled with.

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