So the witch is asking for fourth stab at it?

May hopes to hold fourth vote on Brexit deal

As one pro-Brexit Tory MP Mark Francois said, “Prime Minister, what part of no, no, no don’t you understand?” (Even a brexiteer can sometimes get something right.)

The Guardian further reports she may be poised to hold a general election if fourth time lucky doesn’t work. I’m not sure how she could pull that one off. Currently, she couldn’t deliver milk to a doorstep, but she’d need to engineer either a vote of no confidence in her own government, or have a 2/3 majority of MPs vote to stick their own necks on the block. She can’t even get a simple majority for her dreadful plan.

That’s one thing the pro-and anti-European Union sides can agree on: her plan is dreadful. Boris Johnson described it as: “woeful”, “lamentable”, “a deal that represents the worst of both worlds”, and full of “appalling defects”. That was prior to voting for it yesterday as he hoped to participate in a leadership contest following her resignation. That is the standard of conviction of leading Tory Brexiteers – their only conviction is their right to lead the Tory party, and like any political hypocrite, they will hold to no other conviction unless it suits them. These are the last people you want as prime minister..

Also, she’s promised not to lead the Tories into another election, so would that be another broken promise to add to the ever growing list?

Nothing much came of the pro-brexit protests yesterday, fortunately. A few thousand demonstrators nationally, maybe, if that. However, they included a lot of very unsavoury characters.

Brexit day march: MPs ‘abused in street’ as thousands join Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson rallies

The Farage and Robinson (UKIP) rallies in London were held a few hundred yards apparent, and protesters wandered between them, because frankly, not much separates them politically. Farage left UKIP when Tommy Robinson, a far right British neo-fascist and racist, joined forces with that party, but it’s just a cosmetic move. They are not poles apart on issues of immigration, bigotry and anti-European sentiment, but Robinson has a far right, white supremacist and nationalistic agenda that smells not unlike neo-Nazism, only with Muslims and other immigrants as the target.

Even Farage (probably) wouldn’t go that far, but many of his supporters might. Farage is just a milder form of the disease.

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