Senior diplomat criticises Tory government

Salisbury Attack: Top Cold War diplomat criticises Gavin Williamson over ‘go away and shut up’ remarks

Speaking to exclusively to The Independent,Sir Rodric Braithwaite, took aim at the Cabinet minister following comments in which he told Russia to “go away and shut up“, sparking retaliatory insults from the Russian Foreign Minister and others in Moscow.

Sir Rodric, who was the UK’s man in Moscow during critical years of the Cold War, also attacked other senior ministers whom he said “have come out much too early, saying things that are much too wild”, as the UK seeks to build pressure on Vladimir Putin over Salisbury nerve agent attack.

He waxed effulgent about Theresa May, praising her performance as “judicious”. He also criticised Corbyn for combining remarks about the attack in Salisbury with criticism of  Russian donations to the Tory party, which the party has refused to return.

A mixed bag.

May is anything but “judicious”. She’s a total incompetent. Why Sir Rodric thinks she’s “judicious” escapes me, unless it’s because she’s a teeny bit less idiotic than other members of her lamentably inexcusable cabinet.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, is it wrong to point out that the Tories benefit from Russian donations? I can see that maybe he should have taken a stronger stance against attacks by Russians on British residents, but is he wrong to insist on evidence that the Kremlin ordered them before  the UK government went to war on Moscow?

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