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Boris the Bozo the Clown

And this raving loon is now the darling of the Tory party, which doesn’t seem to care about the economy, business success, or even the very existence of the United Kingdom.This buffoon claims he wants to”unite Britain”, while the best he can do is drivel on about Brexit, hell or high water, and how wonderful hell and high water are. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! He is the opposite of someone who can unite a divided nation.

Perhaps they should call themselves the Disruptive and Disunionist party (DuDs). I doubt Boris is stupid – he did stumble his drunken way through Oxford – but he’s foolish in a lot of ways that matter for a prime minister of an increasingly divided nation.

There are many divides. Scotland/England, where the English are much more insular and inward looking than the Scots. North/South England, where wealth is concentrated in the south. Northern Ireland vs just about everyone else. And of course, the main problem underlying this, the divide between the very wealthy and everyone else. Wealth hasn’t been this concentrated in the hands of the rich since WWII.

The last is probably the most important in the Brexit vote of 2016. That vote is most likely symptomatic of the realisation that the poor are getting poorer, while the rich squander the proceeds of their wealth. It’s likely true that EU economic policies have contributed to this, but those policies are also those of the Tory party. Tories believe in transferring wealth from poor to rich people. That theft is their sole policy and reason for existence, to benefit their wealthy patrons. It’s not the EU causing economic problems for Britain, it’s the Tories.

The far populist right took advantage of this misconception in the 2016 referendum, and fired up resentment against the EU for allegedly siphoning off funds that should have been spent in Britain. Hence Boris’s lie about the £350m a week that could go to the NHS if we quit. He knew it was a lie, he just didn’t care. It suited his purpose. The problems of a disproportionate distribution of wealth in the UK weren’t created in the EU – they were created here by Tories, but Boris needed to lie about that in pursuit of power, which the Tories have now given him.

So Boris doesn’t get the underlying problems. He’s only interested in pursuing power for its own sake and will do whatever it takes to retain it, no matter what the collateral damage to other people or the country as a whole. He can’t unite the country, because he has utter contempt for over 90% of it. His main interest is in the wealthy and powerful. He’ll dance to their tune. He can visit northern England all he likes. He doesn’t actually give a shit about it, just wants to appear as though he does.

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