Russia collusion story heating up for Trump

Trump’s ‘dubious Russian’ links are supported by widespread evidence, claims firm behind Steele dossier…

(that’s the outfit that provided corroborative evidence for Russian collusion) and

…Steve Bannon says Donald Trump Jr’s Russian lawyer meeting was ‘treasonous’

The latter from leaks from a new book about the Trump election campaign.

I wouldn’t put it past The Donald to collude with Satan himself to get whatever he wants, then lie about it after. Donald and truth have never been close buddies, and his sense of morality is close to non-existent.

The book reports Bannon as saying that the FBI investigation into Trump’s campaign is primarily about money laundering for Russian oligarchs, and if there’s one thing we know about Trump, it’s he’ll kiss any ass, make any deal at all,  for personal profit. He’s just that kind of guy!

Perhaps Bannon has a grudge against Trump for firing him, or even more of one for failing to get Christianist extremist Roy Moore elected to the senate, and I don’t trust much that comes out of Bannon’s mouth. But once the Trump tweet machine recovers from the shock, it should be interesting reading.

Unless he’s too busy deleting posts that make him look bad. Of course if he is deleting tweets that make him look bad, he’d have to delete the entire account, so I suspect he’s only deleting those he thinks might undermine his fascist base, or make him look like the craven and guilty asshole he is.

Don’t know how much to believe about this. All the major players from Trump on up the moral scale have credibility issues. So grab the popcorn and sit back. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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