Roy Moore won’t concede…

Donald Trump says Roy Moore should concede, three days after he lost in Alabama

President Donald Trump has called on Roy Moore to admit defeat and concede after voters in Alabama chose to elect Democrat Doug Jones to the United States Senate on Tuesday.

Mr Moore has thus far refused to concede, instead indicating that he is waiting for direction from God.

Odd… I thought these Republican fascists believed Trump was god?

Well, if he’s waiting for god, I guess we’ll never get to hear a concession speech from one of the nastiest living examples of the human species.

As for Trump, he’s not much better, but I will say one thing for him, he hasn’t an ideological bone in his body. He doesn’t believe anything the Republicans or evangelical Christians believe in. The only thing he believes in in his own fortune and well-being – his reputation having been destroyed beyond all repair –  and will do and say anything true or false to improve that. The only thing one needs to ask when Trump announces a policy or opinion, is, what’s in it for Trump? Is it going to hurt him or help him.

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