Rees-Mogg, twit of the century

The comma touch: Jacob Rees-Mogg’s aides send language rules to staff

This was pretty funny, in a for gawd’s sakes sort of way. First, I have nothing against good grammar and rules of language and style of presentation. They are needed for comprehension and clarity. Every editor has those, though likely no two editors agree on everything.

The twit Rees-Mogg, commonly referred to as the member for the 18th Century (I think that’s being generous, he’s far more retrograde than that), goes much further than asking minions to adhere to common rules of grammar. And minions they are – the Moggie thinks he’s a superior species to the rest of us.

For example:

A list of rules has been sent to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s staff asking them to stop using words such as “hopefully” and demanding that they use only imperial measurements and give all non-titled males the suffix Esq.

I have no problem banning the word “hopefully”. It’s not a useful adverb, just adds flannel to speech. Bye-bye. But using only imperial measurements? That is not merely batshit insane – well, it is Rees-Mogg, one of the more intellectually flaccid of Tory members – it’s actually obstructive to understanding. No scientific or medical units of quantity are imperial. Everything is metric. Bar none. If the Moggie is too dumb to understand metric measurements, he’s too dumb to understand a lot of the most important technical communications a government has to deal with. Not that he should be trusted with any of it. We’re used to dealing with pints and litres, kilometers and miles, grams and ounces, and have a fair amount of flexibility, but to ban metric measurements takes you back to the stone age, Moggie, where you likely belong.

And what the fuck is this bullshit “Esq” – who the hell is an esquire these days? I suspect the Moggie just wants to be told which people have no title, so he can ignore them as the insignificant nobodies he sees them as.

Among the words and phrases considered unacceptable were: “very”, “due to” and “ongoing”, as well as “equal”, “yourself” and “unacceptable”. Rees-Mogg’s aides also barred the use of “lot”, “got” and “I am pleased to learn”.

Well, fair enough, I can agree to kiss a lot of these meaningless phrases goodbye. They are just padding. However, the Moggie doesn’t like the use of “equal” or “unacceptable”. He doesn’t like the word “equal” because it implies that he isn’t superior to everyone else on the planet. And besides, it might mean women being equal to men, which seems to bother this twit a lot. As for “unacceptable”, seems he’s afraid that’s the adjective that would normally be applied to his opinions.

However laudable some of his other linguistic idiosyncrasies may be, though, apparently they are only meant for others, not himself:

The official transcript of parliamentary proceedings, Hansard, records more than 700 instances of Rees-Mogg using one or other of the banned words or phrases.

Do as I say, not as I do. Well, he’s a vacuous Tory Moggie, so not much real substance there. Par for the course.

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