Putin’s stooge arrives in Britain to fawning reception

Trump UK visit: President kicks off trip with flurry of insults and unease among US allies

It was a disastrous NATO meeting at which every Trump rant was a lie, from the claim that the US funds over 90% of NATO (more like 70%), through the claim that he had forced NATO government to double their NATO spending, through the claim he would take the US out of the NATO alliance if they didn’t change his diapers at his bidding. It was an absolute shambolics of a meeting. Putin must have creamed himself.

Now, whether Trump is knowingly Putin’s stooge, or whether Putin was prescient in seeing the utter chaos Trump would create amongst Western allies, I don’t know. The Mueller report when it comes out will tell us more about the extent of Russian interference in the last US election, and the degree of involvement by Trump and his henchmen.

The article linked points out that although Trump has had nasty things to say about all US allies, he has never had a critical word for mobster dictators like Putin. Whether this means he is in Putin’s pocket and taking orders isn’t clear – I doubt it’s that blatant. More likely and simply, he admires him a mobster strongman, and like to think of himself as one, frustrated by democratic processes that Putin doesn’t have shackling him. For Trump his presidency is just his latest reality TV show, with him as the star, and the more fuss he creates, the more he likes it.

And now, Theresa May has laid out the red carpet and sleeveless red gown

in a hopeless effort to infatuate him into supporting her policies, this after he said her latest white paper on Brexit wasn’t what the British had voted for. I can understand why she is going through with this charade. She needs a trade deal with the US following her catastrophe with Brexit. She’s not going to get it, because if there is one thing Trump is renowned for, it’s lying through his teeth. He lives in a make-believe little world of his own.

Nothing Trump says or promises can be trusted. America under Trump’s leadership is not an ally one can rely on. And Putin is still creaming himself. He’ll be able to cream all over Trump in a few days, and Trump will just lap it up.

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