Perish the though Parliament should have a say in Brexit

Theresa May’s Brexit compromise in crisis as furious pro-EU rebels told key part of no-deal plan not on table

May’s dictatorial leanings are beginning to rival Trump’s. Of course, she has the crutch of that wretched referendum to lean on; Trump didn’t even win the popular vote. “The will of the people…”, she constantly bleats. Well, Britain wasn’t designed to be a democracy by referendum. It had evolved as a parliamentary democracy, and that’s what it should stick to.

Maybe it’s going to go to another election. That’s what the feeble Corbyn seems to want, not that his party would win it this time, either. But one thing is for sure now. A divided Tory party cannot bring a good conclusion to Brexit, neither can it abandon it.

May’s government is a disaster,but with folk like Davis and Johnson in it, that’s hardly a surprise.

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