Oy veh, May…

*roll eyes*

UK Brexit negotiators offered no new solutions to Irish border problem in talks

British Brexit negotiators have offered no new specific solution to the Northern Ireland border in the weeks of talks since last month’s Brussels summit, The Independent understands…

…The customs proposal suggested by the UK is understood to have been the same one drawn up by civil servants last year and released in a working paper in August 2017. The EU has previously rubbished such ideas in public and said that there would inevitably be “frictions” at borders if Britain leaves the customs union and single market, as Theresa May has pledged.

The hapless and clueless May is so much in thrall to the Tory anti-European right that she has yet to acknowledge facts. Facts such as if you don’t have a customs union with free movement of people, you can’t do without a policed border. She’s just studiously ignoring the question, hoping it will miraculously disappear.

There are no miracles in politics, just hard graft. And she isn’t capable of any. The only thing she has seemed capable of as home secretary under Cameron is bashing immigrants, especially Windrush immigrants. All in order to stop the odious UKIP from stealing far right Tory voters. As prime minister she’s as flaccid as a boned and pickled herring.

To give her some credit, she is promising compensation to those she wronged, though frankly, she might have avoided doing the wrongs in the first place, had her heart been in the right place. Or if she had had one as home secretary. It took a meeting of Commonwealth heads of government to force an apology out of her. It would never have happened otherwise.

And her policy on Brexit is just as ignorant and short-sighted as her policy on immigrants, in fact they can’t be separated. Brexit has always been about immigrants and how much British nationalists hate them. And May feeds this nationalism, because so many Tories such as the lamentable Rees-Mogg embrace it. And she needs their votes.

I won’t say May has no character. It’s just a character one can’t admire.

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