Oy, Trump! Man’s a moron.

Just two examples:

Donald Trump says that even if he did collude with Russia, it is ‘not a crime’

The Donald thinks subversion of an election isn’t a crime? If it isn’t, why were so many of his aides caught lying about it? Why not just shout it from the rooftops? “I schemed with Russian agents to put Trump in the White House!” Sounds good, doesn’t it.

Donald Trump says US needs ‘good old global warming’ to cope with snow burying east coast

I think he’s doing a bit of liberal environmentalist baiting here, and is under the bizarre impression he’s being clever. He’s so dumb he doesn’t understand that climate change involving average warming injects heat energy into the seas and atmosphere, resulting in extreme weather fluctuations. It just isn’t the case that everywhere gets balmier all the time.

But then, Trump is primarily an ignoramus. There isn’t a single, positive, personality characteristic in his bloated body and tiny mind that I could point to.

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