Ouch… Oor Theresa’s lowering standards

Theresa May’s speech at Davos is being thought of as a success merely because it wasn’t a disaster

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(And let’s hope he doesn’t visit any time soon, or ever.)

To be fair, she mostly avoided the disaster of Brexit, and for good reason. There’s nothing good or positive to be said about it, or her performance in handling it. She focused instead on her desire to control tech giants such as Google and Facebook, and internet content in general. Oops sorry, meant “regulate”. To her own specifications, of course.

While I can see the point in doing something about terrorist websites and internet communications, the way extremists have been using the web to radicalise members, censorship is a dangerous road to travel because it’s not always easy to see where to stop and get off. People as full of shit as May have complete confidence in themselves in knowing how far is too far, and usually it means not preventing themselves or their allies from freely expressing their views. On the other hand, there are those with no confidence in May’s ability to wipe her nose let alone “regulate” the internet.

What was far worse, however, was her meeting with the American would-be fΓΌhrer, Donald Trump. The meeting itself went smoothly. Flags didn’t fall over, May didn’t have a coughing fit, and Trump didn’t have a meltdown. The problem lay in that Trump promised trade deals he can’t and won’t deliver. His administration is introducing protectionist policies to discourage trade, not embrace it. And besides, he’s a completely untrustworthy liar. It’s a classic case of when Trump says the sky is blue, you go outside to check.

For May to ransom Britain’s future to someone as unreliable and volatile as Trump is something that, if May is actually contemplating it, could be categorised as treasonable. Well, maybe not technically, but certainly a huge betrayal of public trust and our reluctant and forced reliance on her misgovernment. There is no future with this American administration, not while Trump and his fascist cronies run it.

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