Ooh, it gets better. An entertaining bit of chutzpah by a Tory cabinet member

UK will refuse to enforce hard Irish border with EU even in ‘no deal’ Brexit, says cabinet minister

The Independent coyly refuses to identify the minister, no surprise there. The alleged minister’s argument goes as follows:

“It’s impossible to put a border in place between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

“You cannot put up enough fences. It was the same in the 70s – we could never stop terrorists coming across it. Even if there is no deal, I can see no reason why we would try to enforce the border.”

Let me see… because the border was impossible to enforce against the movement of clandestine terrorists, who move secretly and in small groups, it will also be impossible to enforce against large trucks smuggling tons of  European goods free of duty  into Britain, while  Britain avoids paying tariffs on those goods.

In other words, this alleged Tory cabinet member says it would be up to the Irish government to maintain  a border, as Britain would have no economic interest in doing it. So much for reciprocity. I can’t imagine Britain would get any kind of a deal with that sort of mindset. And I doubt the Irish question would get resolved peacefully, either.

There doesn’t seem to be any end to Tory stupidity, ignorance and incompetence. It seems everlasting.

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