One thing that might protect Trump from impeachment are the dread words, “President Pence”

Mike Pence ‘thinks Jesus tells him to say things’, says former Trump aide Omarosa

Yes, I know can one trust anything a former Trump aide has to say? Or even, come to that, an incumbent Trump aide. What good is there to say about anyone who works for Trump? Probably not a lot.

But Pence is worrying. For a start, his far right evangelical religious beliefs are genuine while Trump’s are transparently fake. He’s accused of thinking Christ speaks to him, telling him what to think. So do a lot of evangelical Christian extremists, or at least they make money claiming this to be true, so I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if Omarosa is right about this.

Pence makes Trump look liberal by comparison. I doubt Trump could tell the difference between theology and geology, or care, but Pence could do serious harm not just to Americans, but worldwide in pursuit of an agenda that’s anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-anyone that isn’t a hard right Christian.

In short, neither of them are to be trusted with public or foreign policy. That’s an alarming place to find the world in.

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