OMG – the Tory Clown Car gets better and better.

Now we discover the Tories hadn’t figured out that the EU would be relocating those agencies currently located in the UK, back to Europe upon Brexit.

Brexit: EU to move key agencies from London to France and Netherlands when UK leaves, Brussels announces

Bye-bye jobs! Who couldn’t figure this out?

In April Brexit Secretary David Davis wrongly said the agencies would be able to stay in Britain after it left the EU.

Oopsie. Well, one doesn’t expect much in the way of intelligence from today’s crop of Tories. It’s less thanĀ  a couple of thousand well paying jobs. And now that Chancellor Hammond has claimed there’s no unemployment in Britain, no doubt the sacked European civil servants will instantly find another job.

Well, good luck with that in an economy due to be tanking thanks to Brexit.

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