Oh the irony and hypocrisy

Florida shooting: White House refuses to release photo of Trump signing bill weakening gun laws for mentally ill

At the same time as that creepy and odious excuse for a human being, Donald Trump, tries to deflect attention from the NRA’s responsibility in making guns far too easy to obtain in the US by suggesting, in a tweet, that people who knew the latest Florida killer should have done more to report him to the authorities, he wants to conceal the fact that he approved a bill that makes it easier for the mentally ill to obtain guns.

The bill, HJ Resolution 40, repealed an Obama-era rule that would have added thousands of mentally ill US citizens to a database preventing them buying firearms.

Barack Obama pushed for the change following the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, in which 20 children between six and seven years old were shot dead. The law came into effect in 2016.

On the day Mr Trump signed the bill, the National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s most powerful pro-gun pressure group, called it a “new era for law-abiding gun owners”.


Evidently the NRA, supported by Trump, is OK with deranged people having guns. So why is Trump trying to deflect blame from the NRA in this latest shooting by claiming the shooter should have been reported as deranged? It’s not as though the NRA would have supported his inability to buy a gun. They are all in favour of it.

American citizens let the NRA and Trump get away with this. I have no sympathy at all. They reap what they sow, and they’ve sown carnage among their own children.  And until they get some gumption to stand up against fetid swamp of Republicans supporting the NRA, they may as well get used to more of their children being blown to bits.

They have no-one to blame any more than themselves. No tears, thoughts or prayers here. Get off your fat heinies and do something practical to stop this. Or just accept the mortality rate of your children as a necessary accommodation to Republican nutcases. And stop complaining when they die. You allowed this to happen by not voting against Republicans. I can excuse Democrat voters and pols  to some extent- they didn’t vote for the twitter-in-chief. But have they done enough? Maybe a shut-down of government till gun control gets taken seriously? Would that be too much?

It’s up to you. If you insist on voting for the party that enables massacres, or enabling the party that enables massacres, then you will just have to accept massacres.

Oh, and Trump is a villainous scumbag. He truly represents his base, and it just doesn’t get baser than that.

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