Oh, Jeremy!

Was Jeremy Corbyn a Czech informant during the Cold War?

Jeremy Corbyn in the

Picture courtesy of the BBC

The accusations are indeed lurid. The accuser, Mr Sarkocy, who operated under the name Jan Dymic for the Czechoslovakians, says there were 10 meetings, that Corbyn was paid, and that he passed on information. Other Labour party figures are also accused, including Ken Livingstone and his deputy who were running the Greater London Council at the time.

The records available show 3 meetings that Corbyn admits, and says he believed the spy was a diplomat, which is a common cover for spies it must be admitted.

Now, the years of the confirmed Corbyn meetings were 1986-87, when Corbyn was just a maverick Labour back-bencher. I guess we can never prove or disprove whether money changed hands, but really, what sort of information would Corbyn have had, to make it worth buying? He was being arrested as a hippy at anti-government and anti-apartheid rallies for gods’ sakes.

Who in their right governmental minds would have given him any information a Communist spy would think worth paying for? Spies pay for information that’s difficult to get. Protest rally gossip is not difficult to get.

I smell a rat. And it’s not Corbyn.

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