Oh! Here’s the politically correct answer to America’s school shooting problem!

Why didn’t we think of this before?

Florida shooting: Days after Parkland massacre, activists rally for gun control while a nearby show hawks assault rifles

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What’s not to like about it? Every household should have several. After all, if you have an assault rifle or three, you’ll never be threatened by someone else who has one, will you? I guess they would have to buy a tank.

Inside the sprawling expo centre that housed the gun show, rows of long yellow tables provided enthusiasts with a smorgasbord of weapons options, and choices to carry and keep those weapons safe.

Lines of semi-automatic rifles were looked over by potential buyers. Ammunition gleamed on the tables close to offers of $5 instant background checks. Vendors offered up Tasers, knives, and bulletproof vests.

Bulletproof vests!!!

Why not give every school child a bulletproof vest which will slightly reduce their chance of being mown down by some crazed gunman who managed to get past America’s lax gun ownership laws? Win-win!  Gun manufacturers get to sell their lethal product to every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants one, as well as protection against guns to every potential victim.  Profits!!!!

Alternatively, and maybe even better, why not have the tiny tots tote a gun to school every day, so they can blow away the evildoers, mostly gun nuts themselves, trying to blow them away? Even more profits. If everyone has several guns, no-one will ever kill anyone again, amirite?

God, but America gets sicker every day. A country so deviant that it can’t even control gun ownership to any extent, because it is in thrall to lobbyists of the National Rifle Association, does not make a reliable ally. Yet Theresa May still loves her some Trump. She’s an idiot. And apparently so are Americans.

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