Oh for gods’ sakes’, Theresa May floundering again

Theresa May invites the Tory ‘mutineers’ trying to soften her Brexit stance into Downing Street for peace talks

This is a prime minister clearly clueless abut Brexit negotiations, with no clear vision where to go. It doesn’t help her that her party is squabbling about it, but then, she is party leader. She’s supposed to provide leadership. That’s what the term means and she just ain’t capable of providing any.

So what is the point of this meaningless gesture? Can she provide anything to one side the other side will accept? Obviously not. What she is doing is stalling for time esconsed in Downing Street, which will expire March 19th 20129, just over a year away.

There’s no evidence the Tory clown car can figure out who is steering and which direction it ought to go. There are two options at this point. A second referendum once some disastrous settlement or deadlock is reached. Or a new election.

I lean towards a referendum for two reasons. First, we got into this mess via an ill-judged referendum, thanks to the otherwise promising David Cameron, so it seems reasonable to get us out of it with a second one to reverse it it, or agree to fall into the abyss by confirming it, after which anti-European British voters would have no-one to blame but themselves for the ensuing catastrophe that costs them their jobs.

Second, an election where both main political leaders accept Brexit gives us no choice at all, and I trust Corbyn no more than I trust May. May is a former pro-European dedicated to keeping her Downing Street squat intact at whatever cost to Britain, and Corbyn is an old opponent of European Union and the common market. A very elderly opponent. He needs direction, because he’s using the excuse of the previous referendum, never a safe source of political policy, to support his own anti-European prejudices.

Although I rail against Tory incompetence because, well, they are the government, so have vastly more opportunities to display it, I can’t say I’ve any trust in Labour. I vote Labour because they are the only credible opposition to the vicious Tories in Scotland other than the SNP, which supports the dissolution of Britain which I would also prefer to oppose, if possible. But I really have to hold my nose to do it.

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