Oh dear, poor Amber Rudd

Was there ever a more unfortunate woman, having to pick up after May’s disastrous stint as Home Secretary, and her incompetence as Prime Minister?

Amber Rudd summoned back to Parliament for questioning as calls grow for resignation

Ms Cooper [chair of theĀ Home Affairs Select Committee,] said she had asked Ms Rudd to reappear in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee to explain why she had appeared to be unaware of her department’s policy of imposing numerical targets for deportations.

Ms Rudd has initially told the committee the Home Office did not use targets for deportations, only for this to later be proved untrue. She then claimed she had been unaware of the targets but this too prompted questions when a leaked memo revealed details of the policy had been sent to her office.

Poor Amber Rudd… she has to shuffle along behind Theresa May, cleaning up the shit that flows down.

May can’t risk firing her, because that puts a Tory anti-Brexit remainer on the back benches. Who knows what she might do there. But Rudd could do the decent thing and resign, because there is no honour in following May’s evil policies.

It is the hapless and incompetent Theresa May that’s at the bottom of this. Amber Rudd is just the fallĀ  guy.

Still we can look forward to a lovefest between May and her best buddy ever, Donald Trump, due for a visit July, Friday 13. Which happens to be my birthday. I may need to take time off and go down to London and throw bricks at their cavalcade.

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