Oh dear. Oor Theresa and The Donald just don’t seem to agree on much these days.

Theresa May responds to Trump’s NHS attack: ‘I’m proud of free health service’

Trump. ever eager to curtail the health and opportunities of poor Americans, found a new target to attack Democrats and universal health care with: the NHS. He really hasn’t been kind to May… well, who has been? He’s criticised her performance on anti-terrorism (too soft), Brexit (not harsh enough), and now universal health care (too much of it). I concede she deserves a lot of criticism, but not from his contrarian perspective.

Let’s face it, if May were a contestant on his old Apprentice show, she’d have been fired in the first minute, and not all her sexual wiles and allures would have served to swerve him. He’s a complete reptile and only interested in much younger women, preferably not his wife.

There’s no question the NHS is underfunded, and the ratbag Tories would rather spend billions on upgrading Trident than funding health care, but Oor Theresa says she’s “proud” of the NHS, which she is starving for cash. That’s embarrassing. Which is more important to health in the UK? Four nuclear-armed submarines, or a functioning NHS? The subs carry up to 16 missiles, each with up to 8 warheads, but only one is deployed at any one time.

The NHS needs to be deployed all the time. I mean, who is Britain deterring with the Tridents? The French? Every other nuclear power has vastly more megatonage, and many countries the size of Britain manage very well without. Realistically, when would Britain ever actually use the things? But we need hospitals and emergency rooms on a daily basis.

Hopefully if she has learned one thing from the debacle of her premiership, it’s that she can’t trust her buddy Trump. He’s volatile and unreliable, no kind of business partner. Do I trust her to learn the obvious? Not in the least. Her performance on Brexit shows she’s completely oblivious to the obvious.

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