Oh boy…

The Washington Post has just added  a tagline under its title:

“Democracy Dies in Darkness”

Hmmmm… could this possibly be a reference to President Trump? After all, it hadn’t needed it during the Obama years. But I guess after a year of being accused of being “fake news” by the ginger monster, the editors finally snapped and wanted to make a point. If a president can’t respect a free press that doesn’t adulate him, does democracy work at all?

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[From https://lobelog.com]

If they are going to be accused being anti-Trump just because they shine a light on the orange orang-utan’s stupid “policies”, they might as well come out and be anti-Trump. And it’s not that he actually has policies as such, more random ideas most likely put into his head by family and former advisers like Bannon. The ban on Muslims springs to mind.

It might be said that a leading paper ought to be politically neutral, but this is a president who reacts to criticism as though it were treasonous and a personal attack, and responds in kind, like a child. One cannot be neutral about Trump. He’s poison.

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