Occasionally, Vince Cable gets it right

Vince Cable to attack Jeremy Corbyn for ‘claiming to speak for the poor’ while backing Brexit

Sir Vince Cable will attack Jeremy Corbyn for claiming to “speak up for the poor” while conniving with the Tories to deliver a Brexitthat will hit the deprived.

The Liberal Democrat leader will use a speech at his party’s spring conference to insist Britain can still have an “exit from Brexit”, as the harsh reality of EU withdrawal becomes clearer.

Theresa May will be accused of perpetrating a “fraud” on voters because of ministers’ claims that Britain can look forward to growing trade links outside the EU.

But Sir Vince will target his fiercest criticism at Labour, for being “still strongly committed” to Brexit, despite its recent shift to softer exit terms by pursuing a customs union.

“Jeremy Corbyn is letting down the very people he claims to defend,” he will tell the Lib Dem faithful in Southport.

“You cannot speak up for the poor and be complicit in making the country poorer. You cannot stand up for human rights, and promote their abandonment.

And he has that right. Corbyn is more committed to Brexit than to helping working class Britons. Corbyn doesn’t care about jobs, he doesn’t care about human rights, what he cares about is Brexit. He’s shoulder to shoulder with the hapless Theresa May on that, and therefore can provide no opposition to the Tories.

Given an incompetent government, and an incompetent opposition, where do we go?

SNP and an independent Scotland? Sounds better and better.

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