Occasionally I can agree with Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour would purchase 8,000 homes ‘immediately’ in major new policy to tackle homelessness

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The commitment follows officials government data, released last week, detailing how the number of people sleeping rough in England has hit a record high – after a 73 per cent increase over the last three years.

Homelessness increasing under the Tory regime. What a surprise. Well, not really. Plutocrats don’t much care about the poor. They just don’t notice them because they aren’t dossing down in front of places plutocrats go to. Police solicitously move them on before the plutocrats get there.

I notice the beggars in the streets. I have to ask myself, why, in the 21st century in Britain, do we still have beggars in the streets? Do they not have homes to go to?

Thanks to the Tories, evidently not… a 73 per cent increase over the last three years???

Another fantastic achievement for the Tory misgoverment.

While I have my doubts about Oor Jeremy, compared to Oor Theresa, he seems a tower of concern about the right things. The Tory clown car needs to go, no matter which idiot is driving it.

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