Nicola Sturgeon plays coy

Scottish independence: new vote depends on Brexit outcome – Sturgeon

She said the chaos and uncertainty around Brexit made it clear that ill-informed or ill-judged decisions were a mistake.

“Clearly, if people in Scotland are being asked, given the opportunity to look again at the independence question, they have a right to have as much information as possible about what – if Scotland chooses to be independent, what our relationships will be with the rest of the UK and with Europe,” she said.

“And some of the answers to those questions inevitably depend on the Brexit outcome to some extent. And, therefore, I think it’s in the interest of allowing an informed decision to be taken about independence that we allow some of that clarity to emerge.

“Brexit is a good example of what happens when people take, in some respects, an uninformed decision about a big change. And when people, as I believe they will in due course, opt for Scotland to be an independent country, that should be on the basis of a genuinely informed decision about all of the implications and consequences.”

Evidently she is one of the few leading politicians in Britain doing any serious thinking about consequences. She is absolutely right that we have to wait for the political and economic fall-out from the Tory Brexit to settle before we know how to proceed on another Scottish referendum.

And she is doubly right to point out that in such a referendum, unlike in the Brexit one, the pros, cons, options and consequences should be clearly laid out for serious consideration by voters. Those arguing for an early referendum taking advantage of Brexit chaos are not helping the independence cause, nor the other nations in the UK. They are just trying to be selfish and take advantage of a disaster.

In the event of Brexit, I would support Scottish independence, because I think Scotland would have a brighter future in the EU than in a weak and isolated UK. However, this is not the time to be making such a decision. Sturgeon seems one of the few pols in Britain not losing her head when all about are losing theirs.

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